Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ellysa's Kenduri Aqiqah at Sham's 21.11.2010

Goodies by Ellysa's Father and Mother - rearranged by Nany

Thank you cards by ChomelatRent - assembled by Nany


 Mini Pelamin Gold & White Theme 1

 Mini Pelamin Gold & White Theme 2

Mini Pelamin Gold & White Theme 3

 Mini Pelamin Gold & White Theme 4

 Mini Pelamin Gold & White Theme 5

Pelamin Backdrop Decor 'Gold' - handmade by Nany

The Silver Sets for Merenjis Ceremony

The Silver Sets

 The Silver Sets

Bunga Rampai by ChomelatRent

Ellysa & Nurfathehah (Mother to Ellysa)

 En. Ramlee Nordin (Father to Ellysa)

Ellysa & Nurfathehah (Mother to Ellysa)

 The Grandfather (En. Abd. Jaafar Bin Mohamad)

The Grandmother (Rohayah Binti Abd. Latiff)

Bacaan Yassin & Berzanji

 Bacaan Yassin & Berzanji

Bacaan Yassin & Berzanji

Ellysa With Cousins

Nurfathehah, Nany & Nurul

Nurfathehah, Nany, Nurul, Zakuan & Zalman

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